The Mothers At the Well

Click on these links to see the quick bio on our contributing mothers.

They’re all pretty fantastic and I’m sure you’re going to love them as much as I do!

Me: Juanita  

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This is Melissa. She’s married to my 2nd cousin and she’s currently the only one of our Mothering Team who I haven’t met in person. WEIRD because I feel like she’s one of my dear confidants. We have been messaging and Facebooking and communicating for nearly 3 years and I will tell you this~this girl is the real deal. All Canadian country girl with wisdom beyond her years. You are in for a treat! ~Juanita



Kara puts the fun and hilarity in parenting! And she does it all while struggling with the diagnosis and daily struggles of MS.  Yes, she’s young and yes, she has 2 little boys to chase after! I have known her since  her birth~I babysat her! Eek! That makes me feel kind of old. But I’m proud of Kara and the wife and mom she has become! You’ll love her. 🙂  ~Juanita



Every time this girl posts something I laugh and I jump up and say “heck ya!” . She’s funny. She’s incredibly wise and yet she looks like she should be hanging out at 7-Eleven with her Jr.High friends. Jenna is a force. She is blunt and she sometimes cusses just to make me blush. I think of her as my sister-from anotha”…ok, that doesn’t work. But she is my sister in arms against the foolishness of this world. Love her and you will too! ~Juanita.



I’ve known Darlene for most of my life. Seriously. We attended the same church when I was a teen and she was a young mom and then we went on to be a part of a new church plant when I was 18 until I got married. She has always been a source of inspiration, wisdom and fun-loving joy to me. You will love her. This group needs the wisdom of mothers and grandmothers and I don’t know of anyone who has done both as well as this lady! And when it comes to family love , you can’t beat this family~ they’re the real deal.



I’m SO excited to have Michelle on our team of writers. She was my neighbour a LONG time ago when she had her first baby and I had my first.  I looked after her little peanut while she went on a job interview and she brought me homemade oatmeal cookies. Do you have any idea how awesome homemade cookies are when you’re nursing your 4th baby?? Heavenly! Michelle is the most engaged, active mother I know. She runs marathons, her girls swim and dance and compete at all kinds of levels. She’s an amazing journalist and she’s a beautiful person. I am so thrilled to have her here with us at the Well.


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