The Fix is in

It finally arrived. My little surprise package of Stitch Fix goodies arrived on my doorstep last week. I was super excited to open it up and see what my stylist had selected for me. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, click here to read my earlier blog about this nifty subscription wardrobe service.

I tried hard to keep my expectations low, since my stylist – Taryn – doesn’t really know me yet. I told myself to keep an open mind and be willing to try new things.

I received four pieces of clothing and one necklace. Here’s the lowdown on each piece:

  • Kut from the Kloth black shift dress – I asked my stylist for something a little dressy, that would be appropriate for an anniversary dinner and could transition into the holidays. This black dress with lace on the shoulders is loose fitting, which I’m not used to, but is really pretty, classic and totally versatile. It was $98, a little pricier than I was hoping, but after modelling it for the fam, I decided it was a keeper. (Wow…sorry about the messy closet!)

    Kut from the Kloth Antonella dress, $98
    Kut from the Kloth Antonella dress, $98
  • Annetta metal lace necklace – I have to say I LOVE this piece. It really is a great accessory to the plain black dress. It is definitely something I would never have picked out on my own. I am excited to wear it with a number of different things. It is priced at $34.
  • 41Hawthorne Potina Draped Cardigan – this sweater was really cute. The stripes on the inside were very unexpected and playful. It was great quality – you could tell just by the feel. It was priced at $68 and because it was a little too big, I decided to return it.IMG_0695
  • Mavi Skinny Jean – putting these jeans on, they felt like butter. Honestly, SO comfortable…they had just the right amount of stretch. However, after wearing them around the house for a bit, I could tell they were going to become that annoying pair of jeans that you’re forever pulling up. They were $98, and I just couldn’t justify spending that on a pair of jeans that just didn’t fit perfectly.IMG_0689
  • Alice Blue floral print blouse – pictured above – was super sweet. I hesitated on flowers for fall, but because it’s black and is a great layering piece, I decided to keep it. I am a sucker for florals!! I love the cute V-shaped neckline and it can be worn loosely tucked in or out. Great casual piece that can be dressed up or down. It is priced at $44.

So, in the end, I kept three out of five pieces, which means I didn’t qualify for the 25% off my entire order. But my $20 styling fee was deducted from my total purchase. With the discount, I paid $167.44.

I have to say that I was impressed with Fix #1. Taryn did a really great job at picking things out for me. I actually really liked everything she sent, and the returns were mostly for size. I think we’re on to something!

Something else I really like about Stitch Fix is the styling cards you receive with your clothes The cards give you ideas on how to style your new pieces, to dress them up or down. It is really helpful, especially for those who don’t know what goes with what.


I will continue with Stitch Fix up until the holidays, and then maybe take a break after that. I like the idea of using the service 4 times a year when the season changes. All in all, I’d say I’m hooked!

P.S. I’m working on my closet!!



For the Frustrated Mother~from Darlene

Do you have a mother mentor?  I did, and she taught me a simple lesson about how valuable and precious my children were, and how you can never love them too much.

Ione was the pastor’s wife.  She came from California and was the most “out there” kind of pastor’s wife I’d ever met.  She had a big laugh, a big voice, big hair, big shoulder pads, sparkly dresses, bold and outrageous jewellery, and a pair of dressy shoes with high, Lucite heels that my 3 year old daughter coveted for her dress up box.  You could hear her the second you walked into the church foyer on Sunday morning.  She was the one with the enthusiastic, “Well hello there!  I’m so glad you could be here today!”  She knew all the moms by name and remembered our children’s names.  She would gather you in for a hug and say, “I’m so happy you’re here!”  She sat close to the front of the church when her husband preached, and announced her hearty “Amen” when he got to a point she agreed with.  She would regularly invite about 10 families over at a time and feed them spaghetti.  You sat in the kitchen, in the dining room, at a card table set up in the living room…she just set places anywhere, and was the most hospitable woman I’d ever met.  She understood that people needed to feel connected and valued.  She was an absolute fascination for our calm little Mennonite church.   No one could get away from her, but truthfully, you really didn’t want to.

I remember telling her one day how frustrated and tired I was with my children.  She flashed her award winning smile and said, “But did you tell them, ‘I’m so glad God sent you to our house?’  You should tell them that all the time, because they were chosen just for you.”  Well.  Wow.  It’s hard to remain frustrated when you look at it that way.

Ione reminded me that my children were little vessels that needed to be kept topped up every day with love and acceptance.  She was a true believer that you can’t love someone too much.  When my children misbehaved, she taught me that sometimes you have to stop what you’re doing and just say, “Do you need a cuddle?” or “Do you need to just be held a bit?”  It’s harder to scold someone when they’re safe in your arms, and it’s easier for a child who is being held to tell you what’s going on in their busy little minds.

I’m glad God sent my children to our house.  I hope I told them that as many times as they needed to hear it.

~from Darlene, our resident grandma on duty. (she’s still trying to figure out how to log in and post her own blogs. ;))