Breastfeeding is for the Boobs!

One thing I’ve learned after birthing and breastfeeding 4 babies is: humor is essential.

DID YOU KNOW that BOOBYTRAP spelled backwards is PARTYBOOB?? I know!! Amazing!! 😀

If you can’t laugh at yourself at least once a day while shooting milk all over the shower, or soaking through yet another shirt, or finding yourself bare breasted for the all the neighbourhood to see, well…you’re missing out!!

Yes, I was once a severely modest woman who couldn’t bear the thought of being bare naked in front of anyone except my husband(and that even took some getting used to!).  But then I had babies. Somehow, in the thick of hard labour , writhing and screaming in pain from contractions that came one of top of the other~the interns showed up and and well…..all modesty got tossed out.  Maybe it’s just baptism by fire preparation for the fact that you don’t own your body any more once you have a newborn.  No, you are now a slave to a tiny being no larger than your thigh and yet he can, in one burst of fury, summon you from any nap, dream, shower, bath, TV show, good book and make you bend and bow to his will.  The almighty boob~it’s a powerful thing!

For some of you reading this, breastfeeding may have been a terrible experience. Maybe you believed all the books and pictures of nursing babies tenderly cradled by their gorgeous , loving mothers and violins played in the background. Maybe the mere thought of a tiny human attached to your body by mouth alone was enough to make you run screaming to the nearest store for any bottle that could do the job just as well.  Or maybe you tried and failed and tried and failed and ultimately gave up. Continue reading