When Firsts Become Lasts

I was the first-time mom who couldn’t WAIT for her baby to grow up. Be ONE already! Come on!! Crawl! Walk! BE FREE!!

Well, now that baby is 4. Yah. 4! I know, I know, lots of you mamas are older than I am, and you’re chuckling to yourself a bit right now. Just bear with me, k? 😉

We just finished our last first birthday. Conner turned ONE yesterday. Umm…how did that happen?

Isaiah the Pirate and Conner the Buccaneer.

I need to put the baby clothes away. I need to put the baby clothes away. What am I doing with a box full of newborn-sized onesies and sleepers? Come on, Kara, get it together. Just go in there and do it. DO IT.

I can’t.

I actually find myself trying to SQUEEEEZE Conner into clothes that clearly don’t fit him anymore in a strange and feeble attempt at keeping him small. I can’t stand it that he’s getting bigger. I sold the bassinet a couple of weeks ago and I had a meltdown.

I’m supposed to be popping out babies until I’m at LEAST 29…AND I’m supposed to have at least one girl in the mix!  Quite honestly, I’m waiting for the day that I’m miraculously healed of MS and I can have a couple more children. Until then, it’s in my best interest to not have any more.

I’m trying to say goodbye to having more babies. All those firsts….I miss them! It’s getting close to the time where my ‘little’ baby isn’t going to be little. He isn’t going to want to be rocked to sleep anymore. And it kinda hurts. On the other hand, I’m a little bit excited to be able to play with Lego as a family and not worry about the baby choking on a piece.

I’m learning. I’m learning to deal. I’m learning to enjoy every single moment in my kids’ lives, and I’m trying not to take anything for granted. I’m also human, and I’m trying not to think about the fact that I will not be having any more children. I physically am able to carry children. For real, people. I could get pregnant right now, and trust me, it’s crossed my mind to just ask my doctor to remove all the female-ness of me that allows me to have children and be done with it. I mean…right? Because then I actually could NOT have another child. If you’re laughing, that’s okay. I’m a bit awkward. It’s cool.

When did you decide to be ‘done’ having children? OR…was it something that had to be decided for you?

I delved a little deeper into this on my personal blog, feel free to check it out. (Confession: I had to use dictionary.com to make sure I used the word ‘delved’ correctly.)



I was diagnosed with MS a few days after my oldest son turned 1. It was completely devastating. I was 23 and I thought my life was over. Over the next 3 years, I was told that I shouldn’t have more children, and that I needed to begin a treatment plan – which included giving myself a needle every day. Okay, let’s rabbit trail for just a minute here. A NEEDLE? Every day?! I was the kid in elementary school who threw a FIT on needle day. In Grade 6 I scared just about everyone in the class because I had to be held down by 2 people in order to get one teeny tiny needle in my arm. I HATE needles. Continue reading

Kara ~ Bio

As one of the youngest members, I find myself a bit nervous (and excited!) to have been asked by Juanita to contribute here. Hopefully I can bring some joy and support (and a bit of hilarity) to this page as I give you a glimpse into my crazy life!

I have been happily married to a great man for 5 years. We live in a small, southern Manitoba town where I stay at home and raise our 2 boys. Isaiah is our New Years Baby – and he’s 4. Nothing like having the local news come interview you in the hospital room 3 hours after you’ve given birth to your first child. Right? Didn’t freak me out at all. 😉   Conner is our little miracle who came along almost 3 and a half years later. He spent the first 16 days of his little life in the NICU, and he’ll be 1 in March!

How do I raise my family? I fly by the seat of my pants. Everything is crazy in my house. There’s almost always unfolded laundry on the couch, crumbs on the floor, and (gasp) the beds are almost never made! I’m a sick mom – I have Multiple Sclerosis. Being a mother with a chronic health condition, ‘One day at a time’ is a phrase I use often (even though I actually hate that phrase).

"If you smile nice, we can go to McDonald's."
“If you smile nice, we can go to McDonald’s.”

I’m a big lover of social media: Facebook, Pinterest… Truth be told, I’m actually a huge nerd and love all things computer. I’m one of ‘those’ wives – where when my husband comes home from work and sees that the house has been tidied, and I actually have makeup on my face, he asks me if the internet was down. Yep.

Being a mom is hard work; that’s something I know that we can all relate to. I’m excited about the opportunity I have to share, laugh, cry, and learn, with YOU!

Feel free to check out my personal blog, where I share my journey with MS and other random tidbits: http://livinganewjourney.wordpress.com