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In the fall of 1998, I was a mother in need of encouragement, rest and refreshment.  I went to the only well-spring I knew of~my church. On Wednesday mornings we would gather for fellowship and Bible Study.  But I had a newborn and 2 preschoolers; 3 babies all under 4.  I was exhausted.  But I needed this group.

Our fearless leader, Louise, stepped up and took my baby and rocked her while I did my study notes, or went out for coffee with a friend or just had a shower. Louise was my mentor.  Her kids were grown up and she had no grandbabies of her own(yet!). I was 8 hours away from my mom and so, here we were: me in need of a mother/mentor/grandmother and her with open arms and wisdom oozing from every orifice of her body.

Louise is the inspiration for this blog. She loved mentoring.  She believed in it. She lived it till her dying breath 6 years ago. Louise would have LOVED Facebook and blogging.  She e-mailed me often. She called me. She prayed with me and she taught me so much by just being there. I will talk about Louise again as this blog unfolds.

I have learned that we go through dark days and hard times, not just so that we learn something , but so that we have something to offer those who walk down dark paths too.  Every weary traveller,every dark path should always lead to a well. And that is what this blog’s focus will be:  a well to rest and be refreshed in those dark , weary days of mothering.

If you are a new mom, a mom of littles at your feet or a mom with years and tears ~ our prayer is that you would find refreshment and renewal at this well and that we all will learn how to Mother Well.

Check back often~we’re just getting started and with 8 women already on board to guest post and weigh in, this is sure to be a wonderful journey we can travel together.   Check out the  “Who We Are”  page for bios on all the mothers of {the} Mothering Well.






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4 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Louise my mom? How awesome 🙂
    She truly was amazing! Can’t wait to be a part of this amazing community of mothers! I need some refreshment for my sould!

  2. Loved your article – great info for those of us wanting to help – not hinder – these families with newborns and especially twins. You’re an awesome writer and your tips are greatly appreciated.

    How about an article about those parents who pass their babies to you and never offer to take them back? Even if the child is crying, you’re stuck with them while the parents watch and leave it to you to handle. Please tell these parents most people really only want to hold your baby for a short while, not the whole evening and that when they start to fuss, please offer to take them back.

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