Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice {And What I Will Teach Our Girls}

As I was marching around in the bushy area of our backyard this weekend, full of thistles and smelling like campfire, I got to thinking about womanhood.  I got to thinking about the things I like about being female.  The things my mom taught me.  The things I want to teach our daughters.  The experiences I’d like them to have, the challenges I’d like them to overcome, the mistakes I’ve made that hope they don’t.  The things I want them to learn.

I am probably failing miserably at teaching some of these things…but they are goals.  They are something to strive for.  This is little more than a digital-mental list of things I think are important for our growing beauties.

  • Teach her compassion and empathy {by example}
  • Teach her about nature {and how to take care of it}
  • Teach her that it’s cool to be smart  {Even if she doesn’t believe you}
  • Tell her she’s beautiful {while she’s in her jammies}
  • Teach her about life…and death  {Her goldfish didn’t run away}
  • Teach her to be strong in her morals and beliefs {no matter what “they” say}
  • Teach her to build a fire, change a flat and make a speech
  • Show her how to dress up {Think class, not cleavage}
  • Teach her to pray and love and put others first
  • Teach her that she is complete {without her friends or boyfriend or peers}
  • Show her the world {even if it’s via YouTube}
  • Teach the importance of family {blood-related or not}
  • Let her exercise her independence {regardless of how it pains you}
  • Teach her to be a friend {especially to the one who needs a friend most}
  • Encourage her questions {and strive to answer them all}
  • Teach her about bugs and plants and animals {Even if you don’t like them}
  • Show her what hard work looks like {and how to get and keep a job}
  • Teach her about the awkward & uncomfortable {before someone else does}
  • Value her opinions {And teach her to value those of others}
  • Teach her to manage her money {and not let it manager her}
  • Let her experience the joy of true giving
  • Teach her tolerance and forgiveness
  • Teach her to have adventures {everywhere she goes}
  • Let her cry when she needs to {and let her see you cry too}
  • Teach her to eat healthfully {but not obsessively}
  • Let her be a princess {and a pirate and a giraffe}
  • Make her feel loved {over and over and over}
  • Show her how it feels to earn something {and that the world owes her nothing}
  • Teach her to ride a bike and build a resume and paint her toenails
  • Show her what initiative looks like
  • Encourage her to think outside the box
  • Help her find a love for books {or blogs or anything word-related}
  • Let her get dirty and muddy and crazy and fun
  • Teach her about her heritage {and to be proud of her roots}
  • Teach her that there’s so much more to life than high school {even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time}
  • Teach her manners and respect {for herself, her body and everyone around her}

There is more.  So much more.  But I’ll leave it with you….what would you add?  What do you think is important for a girl to know?


2 thoughts on “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice {And What I Will Teach Our Girls}

  1. A really great list Melissa. I agree on all counts. I don’t know if I could really add anything. I always tell my kids to be the same person everywhere they go: don’t be fake with one group of people and hypocritical with others. If people come to know you one way and know they can rely on you to be consistent no matter where you go or who you’re with then you will become someone of integrity.

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