We’re Still Here and With a Few Links for You!

We are , in fact, mothers. And that title alone necessitates that sometimes we’re……busy.  So our poor Mothering Well page may seem neglected but we are, actually, mothering well.  Melissa was in Hawaii and spent two hours on a blog post about their adventures only to have Internet Explorer eat it into oblivion. (I think she’s still ticked).

Kara has had bout after bout of flu, ear infections and sleepless nights all on top of her MS symptoms.

Jenna is getting over bronchitis but she just posted a gem of a post on her TroubleFace Mom page which I will link below.

Darlene has been down south and back again.(She’s showing us what we have to look forward to, post-kids at home.)

And Michelle celebrated her birthday in Texas with East Coast flare and is now on spring break with her kids! We’re a busy lot!

As for me.…..I have my irons in many fires. Does anyone say that anymore? Do you even know what it means? Oh well, I digress. Back on track this week. But first, here’s a few links you might want to check out.

First up: The state of public schooling.  I have many woes in the school system and often get annoyed by the sheer stupidity. This article puts it bluntly : “the very people who are supposed to be teaching our kids how to think are largely incapable of critical thought themselves.”     Public School Insanity 

Next: Jenna’s blog on the Bully Bus Driver who almost made a sailor out of her. :p  The Wheels on the Bus or Some Crap Like That

And if your days feel kind of like this……

blog pic


…………..it’s all good. “Close enough” some days is just right. 🙂

Now go enjoy the day and maybe whip up a batch of these! They’re super yummy!!


Unbaked Chocolate Cookies(Haystacks) 


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