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When Juanita started talking about what to name her shiny new blog for moms, I jokingly told her that if it were me, I’d call it “not mothering crappily” because for reals ladies, mothering is no joke. Some days not failing is as close to succeeding as we come. Am I right? Juanita didn’t actually ask me to contribute to this amazing project. Nope. She signed me up and told me to start writing. So here I am. A little bit about me:

My husband Glenn and I were married on a rainy day in August, 2004. I was 12. Just kidding. I turned 21 on my honeymoon, and was way too young to be getting married, but it’s too late now. I’m 29, he’s 34 and we have 4 young children. Mateo was born July 2005, and he’s in grade 2. Andreas was born September 2007, and he’s in kindergarten. Olivier was born February 2010, and he’s a glorious handful. Rosalie is our only girl, born February 2012 and she’s going to be very well protected by all those big brothers. My husband is brown, I am pasty white, and our kids are somewhat racially confused. One thinks he’s brown, one thinks he’s white, one says he’s curly and the baby doesn’t know what’s going on. We live in Calgary and I hope we stay here forever.


My husband used to be a pastor, but now roofing pays the bills and I’m just waiting for him to realize he’s still a pastor too. I’m a stay at home mom who is always planning on going back to school but keeps getting pregnant instead. My parenting style is a cross between “who let the dogs out” and um…no, it’s mostly all “who let the dogs out” – fast paced, mildly obscene, and always entertaining. What that means is that we listen to a lot of music and I apologize for swearing a lot.

I am very much looking forward to laughing and crying and making connections with whoever comes out to play here at The Mothering Well. Mothering is always a better journey when we’re not in it alone.

Please check out my personal mommy blog,

I am also a contributing writer for Young Women Of Power’s blog – Young Women of Power (YWOP) aims to inspire greatness in teen girls and it’s an honor to be part of their vision.


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